A&D 2.0 Resto Bar & Grill

Welcome to A&D 2.0 – a unique restaurant on the island of Cozumel. Here you will find a marriage made in heaven. We make gourmet sandwiches from different parts of the world, with only the highest quality ingredients, no fillers, from local partners. Even our breads are made at a local bakery! Don’t judge too quickly when you read the ingredients, because your taste buds are sure to be delighted by whatever you try at A&D 2.0!

As with many restaurants around the world, the coronavirus led us to re-imagine ourselves and to partner with the former Upstairs Resto Bar & Grill! Our new menu includes many of the pastas, sandwiches, and even fish & chips that you all came to know and love!

As an added bonus, A&D Kitchen is still carrying the amazing cupcakes from Patio Cakes & Desserts! The variety of flavors will bring you back time and time again for that something special sweet!